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“What is the pathway to purpose?”


Hello! Thanks for stopping by. As you see, I’m currently organizing a multimedia platform to champion connection and equality.


But I didn’t arrive here without grappling with unresolved emotional wounds, the imprint of systemic racism, and questioning my purpose in life.

If I can emerge on the other side, you can too.

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Charles Jackson's experience as a Marine leading hundreds, ordained pastor touching hearts, corporate leader promoting inclusion, and black man living in America has shaped his innovative approach to age-old ideologies.


Charles E. Jackson II impacts lives every time he speaks.


Founder of Charles Jackson Media Company, LLC, a consultancy connecting people with their passion and purpose, Charles finds innovative ways to reach across racial, social, and overall differences.

The Daytona native pulls from his life experience as a Marine leading hundreds, father raising two sons, social activist fighting for racial equity, and a black man surviving in America. Today, he is the author of the upcoming book “Low Down Good for Nothing : An Uncensored Account of the Black Man in America and host of the popular video series “Race Talks Uncut” and “Leadership 911”. Charles’ leadership insights are a breath of fresh air. His teachings and programs put a 21st century spin on age-old ideologies and practices.

Founder of the Relational Leadership Model, The Connector teaches leaders how to use his 3-step
framework to connect with employees, facilitate diverse collaborations, and establish a genuinely inclusive environment.


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