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Here’s How To Put Systemic Racism On Trial

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Low Down Sneak Peek
Ever wonder what it feels like to be a black man in America?
If recent civil unrest, protests, and racial divides cause this question to cross your mind…

Let’s talk.

My upcoming book,
“Low Down Good for Nothing: An Uncensored Account of the Black Man in America” gives an unapologetic glimpse into the black man’s history, heritage, and heart.
In this exclusive sneak peek, I take you behind the scenes on why I decided to put pen to paper.

Walk with me as I tackle:
•Why blacks struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin
•Why he believes NOW is the time to fight for racial justice
•Challenging unconscious and conscious biases
•How to find true equality

I can’t wait until you unwrap your special gift!

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Social activist, dynamic speaker, and relational leader, Charles Jackson II

Exposing the truth about what they really think about the black man in America.
Systemic racism is a mental prison that’ll cause you to question your very existence.

It’s urged me to conform, run, and even subconsciously denounce my own black skin.

I said to myself,
“Maybe if I achieve a certain level of success, that’ll rewrite the narrative.”

If I can just make the dominant race feel more comfortable around me, everything will be all

But… Following the rules of engagement changed nothing.

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Building a better world, together.

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I couldn’t let you step away without personally saying,



Your interest in my  mission speaks volumes. My goal is to find innovative ways to connect us across our differences. I  pray that one day we’ll realize we all make up pieces of the fabric known as the human race.

Download a Sneak Peek of my book and stay up to date with all things Low Down.

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